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The story holds a retro feel in a world that is fast approaching the New World Order and the fight for ultimate control and leadership. Touching on the issues of Data tagging, monitoring, locating and punitive control of each and every living soul on this planet no matter what class, culture or ethnicity that you are, it's about the Ultimate Rule. Full of action, secret service, spy and intrigue accompanied by great humour to make an illuminati story line.



Doctor James Reynolds, a distinguished research scientist, has sunk into alcoholic depression following the death of his beloved wife twelve months earlier. A small meteorite crashes into his garden late one evening, re-igniting his scientific curiosity. He recovers the rock to discover it contains something extraordinary: genetic material. A strange message subsequently appears on his computer with instructions on how to culture the rock's contents. In a short time, an alien creature emerges from the bubbling mixture in his bath. He teaches it and hides its presence from his close friend Valerie. But he fears he’s going mad as he repeatedly sees his dead wife. What is the purpose of the alien creature? Is he going mad? Are dark and terrible secrets about to be uncovered by the alien's presence? An outstanding tale which grips you in a mesmerising puzzle and challenges you to resolve the mysterious events.




The SAS must rescue the Prime Minister's daughter from an underground building rigged with explosives. "The Raid meets Die Hard."




Having lost faith in the legal system in bringing the 'untouchable' Darren Jackson to justice for the murder of his son.

Having lost faith in the legal system inbringing the 'untouchable' Darren Jackson to justice for the murder of his son, wealthy businessman Vincent hires a private investigator (Wil Johnson), instructing him to recruit 'shoot to kill' criminals with the aim of avenging his son's death. Emotions run high. Loyalties are tested on both sides as Jackson turns predator. Vincent must find a way to settle the score in 3 days, for his lost 18 years ago.

















Haunted by the memories of his time in the Gulf war, Jacob tries to adjust to civilian life aided mainly by his friendship with his commanding officer, Hilt who has made civvie life work for him. However, Jacob's stable reality is crushed when Hilt is killed during a suspected mugging that went wrong. Now Jacob feels it's his duty to find the truth behind the incident and bring closure to Hilt's widow, Louise. His investigation has him going head to head with DCI Lane and his partners Sergeant Egan and DC Carter as his own life starts to entwine with those he suspects of being involved. Amongst them is East End villain turned property tycoon Brannigan Woods, Marcus Clancy whose recent workaholic attitude has put a strain on his marriage to cheating wife Claire and their rebellious teenage daughter, Hannah. Dr Audrey Grey is the couple's therapist who is trying to keep the family together whilst her own existence is slowly sinking into self destruct mode, with only her receptionist Suzy to keep her sane. Jacob soon discovers that not all is as it seems, as the pieces are manoeuvred into place to keep him distracted whilst the final move is played.
Written Paul Knight





The peace of a small village in Oxfordshire is disturbed when a young, attractive gypsy woman arrives one night and encamps in one of the resident's (Rachel) garden. A series of mysterious events and misfortunes begin to blight the villagers. The gypsy (Leah) is blamed, and the villagers determine to rid themselves of her at any cost. Rachel is emotionally drawn to the gypsy and aids her despite several misgivings. Unknown to all is the fact that the gypsy is on a quest, driven by visions, to discover a dark secret about the villagers and the death of her mother thirty years ago. Written by Mol Smith






A woman, trapped by her debt to the local underworld boss, creates a plan to buy her freedom.

Minsky by night, Cheryl Evans by day, she leads a secret life in an attempt to pay off her debt. With the appearance of 2 men, she begins to see a way out, a chance to start again. One of the men is a Russian with a business plan for Joshua, the underworld boss. The other man is Dex, a man trying to rebuild his life. After Dex discovers her true identity, she begins a steamy affair with him while she works her plan; but who's using who?



Bonded by Blood Feature Film starring TERRY STONE - Rise of the Footsoldier, Doghouse, VINCENT REGAN - 300, Troy, KIERSTON WAREING - Basement, Fish Tank, DAVE LEGENO - Batman Begins ...

Mel was delighted to gain a featured role in 'BONDED BY BLOOD' Playing the role of the CID Detective. Having plenty of snow on the ground and the actual Range Rover that holds the truth of the grisly murders, actually there on the set, gave filming a certain gritty edge and surreal sense of a ghostly return to the past . . .





New Breed Productions & The Way Forward Productions recently joined forces on an exciting new venture in the making of the feature presentation: ‘Thugs, Mugs and Violence’

Mel was delighted to have been offered the role of 'Stunning Steve' in this film and details can be found on the web site

There are further links to this movie (Currently in post production) which will enable you to follow the production's progress. A fantastic 6, 500 'Facebook' followers already!!



A city where trust is expensive and life is cheap. Where money ensures that love is short-lived. Private Investigator Floyd Bennett (Wil Johnson - Waking The Dead, Anuvahood, Adulthood) does things his way. After being paid generously to 'find' the notorious Darren Jackson, his street operation falls apart. His impatient client, Vincent, ends the arrangement and has plans of his own, recruiting the manpower to deal with the untouchable Jackson, a suicidal task at best. Both sides engage in an emotional and psychological journey as they put their lives on the line. Vincent comes face to face with something that will change his life for ever...something that happened 18 years ago. Written by Theo Bahannack (TBX)   CURRENTLY IN POST PRODUCTION - MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW






Zombie Horror Movie in Production/Filming 2013 By Paul Knight

More details to follow